5G is a whole lot more than just faster data access. It may even revolutionise the way we use mobile technology in the future. So, as 5G becomes more and more widespread, here are some benefits of 5G technology.

Medical innovation

This is one of the benefits of 5G that you might not be expecting. As we are all well accustomed to using 4G at home and on the move, you may have noticed that occasionally there can be a lag. With 5G, this is eliminated entirely. To demonstrate this, Ericsson decided to prove the efficiency of 5G by performing a remote surgery on a dummy patient using VR and robotics. This allowed for the surgery to be performed without the doctor being in the same room as the patient. This is the perfect example of the ‘internet of skills’, which is being lauded as one of the main benefits of 5G. Thanks to technology, you can now transfer your skills to another location in real time.

Self-driving cars

After the recent scandal involving a crash of a self-driven car, 5G aims to promote safety and investment in this area. As 5G is so fast and eliminates lag, the network and coverage is universal. This means that cars can communicate with sensors and other vehicles. The public transport system can be revolutionized, creating greater ease, access and efficiency. The idea of self-driving cars that has remained in public consciousness for quite some time can now be a reality. This might be one of the most immediate benefits of 5G as the technology is in place, but now it can be refined.

Virtual reality and the benefits of 5G

Virtual reality is everywhere nowadays. It is much more widespread and has become the trend for modern technology. Where it will go in the future is anyone’s guess, but the benefits of 5G will allow for a huge development. Thanks to speed and network coverage, 5G will allow the gaming experience to be enhanced. This means greater availability of virtual worlds and real-time communications. Of course, the experience will become a whole lot more ‘real’ as sound, vision and sensory awareness.

The replacement of broadband

This means that the internet we use at home will change entirely. This has become much more of a reality, thanks to a trial roll-out in the US recently. Whilst the internet we use at home might be fast and reliable, it is about to become a whole lot more. Many companies will now offer agreements, which guarantee a level of reliability with the internet connection. This is especially important for businesses. The times when the internet is ‘down’ will soon be a thing of the past. Once this is rolled-out to mobile phones, you will always be connected, no matter where you are. Just imagine streaming a football game the other side of the world in real-time, with no buffering or lags. It is now just a matter of when, rather than if.
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