14-16 JUNIO 2022


European Digital Mindset Awards 2022

Get rewarded for your innovation!

Technology is changing every business model that exists. However, strategy, leadership and customer experience focus has come first, as key elements to succeed in Digital Transformation of any organization.

The European Digital Mindset Awards are set to recognize the most innovative projects, leadership and digital transformation cases that present a disruptive and innovative approach to customer experience, IT Management and new digital business models.



BEST DIGITAL LEADER: For the top management leader of any company that is leading the Digital Transformation of its organization and have achieved stunning results, increasing the value of the company. Best President, CEO or C-level who outreach results thanks to a well-executed digital business transformation.

BEST DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ENTERPRISE: For the company that has better executed and performed the change from a traditional model to a digital business model or that successfully has combined both.

BEST JOURNALISTIC WORK ON DIGITAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION: For the best journalistic work, showing the impact of Digital Transformation in society, a specific industry or in an economic region.

BEST MARKETING CAMPAIGN: For the best marketing performance, that has reached significantly impactful results based on innovative use of marketing tools, digital channels, platforms, and others.

BEST DIGITAL START-UP / SCALE-UP: For the Digital Start-up with the highest impact in a sector based on an innovative and/or disruptive business model, and with a high projection for the upcoming years.

BEST DIGITAL ACCELERATOR, PUBLIC SECTOR: For the Best Digital Accelerator of the Public Sector that recognizes the work of the public sector on digital transformation issues.

BEST DIGITAL PROJECT ORIENTED TOWARDS SUSTAINABILITY: Best  digital Project -corporate or entrepreneurial- oriented to achieve the SDG´s of the 2030 Agenda

Dates to keep in mind:

Proposal entry deadline: 30th April 2022 – 23:59:59 CET. Extended: 13 May 2022, 23:59:59 CET.
Confirmation of selected finalists: 23rd May 2022

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