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European Digital Mindset Awards 2022

European Digital Mindset Awards 2022

DES – Digital Enterprise Show 2022 celebrated the 6th edition of the European Digital Mindset Awards at Castillo de Gibralfaro

The European Digital Mindset Awards acknowledge the most innovative ideas. The awards also highlight the executives who have stood out over the past year in the way they have driven the integration of the digital economy into their companies’ business models.


BEST DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ENTERPRISE: For the company that has better executed and performed the change from a traditional model to a digital business model or that successfully has combined both.

  • WINNER: NAVANTIA: Industrial transition project towards the design of new sustainable products, manufactured in circular and competitive shipyards.
  • Repsol, S.A: Repsol has launched a Digital Program which is successfully transforming its value chain, improving sustainability and enabling its people.
  • Prosegur: Artificial intelligence, data science, IoT and Blockchain are some of the technologies we have incorporated into our processes. We develop proprietary technology and collaborate with startups to accelerate our digital transformation.

BEST MARKETING CAMPAIGN: For the best marketing performance, that has reached significantly impactful results based on innovative use of marketing tools, digital channels, platforms, and others.

  • Fotocasa: Fotocasa includes a brief explanatory video in its most relevant press releases, so that the media can use these statements directly.
  • Labelium Play: YouTube Audio Ads BETA made it possible to show ads on Music Videos. Clear were used, making the conversion type easy to carry out.
  • WINNER: Arena Spain: Our proposal has been an algorithm that helped us to achieve conversion more efficiently and optimize media activity.

BEST DIGITAL START-UP / SCALE-UP: For the Digital Start-up with the highest impact in a sector based on an innovative and/or disruptive business model, and with a high projection for the upcoming years.

  • Thing or two: Thing Or Two is a digital marketing agency specializing in mobile app growth providing services to 300 clients globally.
  • WINNER: SeniorsLeading: “3 proyectos integrados en la Silver Economy+50 años, en sectores estratégicos: Transformación Digital, Turismo y FinTech. “
  • Last Mile Team: Low-cost risk-free experiment, evaluate and fact-based decision making on scheduled, same-day and on-demand distribution operations.

BEST DIGITAL ACCELERATOR, PUBLIC SECTOR: For the Best Digital Accelerator of the Public Sector that recognizes the work of the public sector on digital transformation issues.

  • Registraduría Nacional del Estado Civil: Digital Citizenship Card Colombia, will close gaps, facilitate secure access to a digital world of services and timely management of rights
  • Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos: We have launched a new renewed app for digital devices. The main aim is to enhance users experience and to facilitate the daily management “
  • WINNER: Navarra Government: Provide all the population with the connectivity, skills and knowledge needed to access a digitally inclusive government based on data.

BEST DIGITAL PROJECT ORIENTED TOWARDS SUSTAINABILITY: Best  digital Project -corporate or entrepreneurial- oriented to achieve the SDG´s of the 2030 Agenda

  • WINNER: Amadeus: Collaborative project to improve competitiveness and positive impact (social and environmental) of SMEs from the travel and tourism industry
  • The Predictive Company: To forecast the real energy demand of buildings with the end of an autonomous and optimized operation of the HVAC systems.
  • TIAO / CONNECTS: ESG business platform: education, self-disclosure, match-making and collaboration with partners, experts, clusters and business networks



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