Many aspects of clinical practice have been changed due to technology, providing health sector with benefits to simplify tasks and assist health care professionals with tools like reference and information gathering, conduct diagnoses apps, ‘’follow up apps’’ for a patient’s status, health record maintenance and communications devices to treat someone’s condition.
Technology is the group of knowledge and tools that make life easier every day by creating and exchanging information, it refers to the use of techniques and systems to solve tasks entertain and improve communications. Advances of technologies have made more efficient ways to do things and especially to transform conventional aspects of practices in different sectors.
Day by day it is easier to access to information at anytime and anywhere, improving lifestyles and jobs by making instruments, tool and items automated thanks to technology. Mobile and online education is now available; in health sector it helps by evolving patient’s treatments, increasing efficiency and productivity by reducing mistakes made by doctors and innovate the use of conventional tools.

Advantages in the health sector

Many technology devices are becoming commonplace in health sector, making developments in medical software applications to assists doctors with tasks such as patient monitoring and medical treatments, this has made many improvements in patient’s outcomes. Someday not so far the safety of the technology in health sector will make a significant change to the world.
Thanks to wireless communications many applications used for health care are now available and growing exponentially every year. Engineers work very hard to create a variety of devices that will have more intelligent software to be implemented as tools to work with and practice medicine.
Technology gives doctor’s solutions to complement their jobs and giving patients more possibilities to overcome, yet medical attention should never be overlooked or ignored. Health care has raised a new potential implementing a great number of apps which can verify and keep track of symptoms such as heart rate apps to monitor heartbeats.
It is now easy to find descriptions and treatments to certain drugs depending of mild symptoms, many mobiles have applications to get a list of local medical providers, prices, possible treatments and anything a patient could need, for example, applications for diabetics can measure for them the correct amount of insulin doses and even tracking glucose.

Technology in health

Many people use technologies such as internet to search for healthcare information, nowadays there are doctors’ offices, public clinics and many facilities to reach really wider populations not only on websites but in easy lists that can be organize by zones, necessities and conditions on apps that can be downloaded by anybody with a mobile device.
Not only contact with patients and capabilities to answer questions are the best advantages of technology, it has also changed machines, treatments and medicines by applying sophisticated equipments to increase chances to diagnose diseases and improve healing methods and medical practices.
Computers and smartphones help doctors to keep record of patients medical histories, result of laboratory tests, medicine orders and prescriptions all automatically and electronically due to online databases that can improve the administration and archives of people’s information into the hospitals systems.