The applications are programs dedicated to achieve one goal in specific, it is designed to be simple for the user and even though they started as a way of entertainment they slowly became more sophisticated and elaborated with more different functions, nowadays they are applications that are indispensable and there are some others that you might not know but may transform your life into something more simple and organized.

Applications for time management

Usually we would think of applications as time killers but they are app designers that saw potential in exactly the opposite, after all we carry our smartphones with us all the time and it is indeed convenient to transform it into a reminder of the things we need to do or as a schedule to keep around with us, here some recommendations:

  • Habilitica: A funny and entertained way to keep your to do chores list, the app is designed to look like a pixel game and achieving your duties will give you experience points, weather not doing them can lower your health point. A great option for responsible game lovers.
  • Quality Time: An application to help you control the time you spend on your phone. This is especially helpful for those with certain smartphone addiction.
  • Cozi Family Organizer: A great app that helps you to organize your entire family schedule and make sudden modifications easily.

Applications that help you enjoy life at its best

Keeping good track of your obligations is a good and reliable thing but ¿What about the free time? There are applications that help you know the best options for certain activities in order for you to know new places that adapt perfectly to your needs. These are some recommendations among so many applications.

  • TripIt: An excellent traveling application, it organizes all the reservations needed for a trip in just one place and gives you the option to share it with anyone in just one second.
  • Mealime: A great kitchen helper, gives you the best and healthier recipes designed to have short time of preparation so that you won’t have to spend many hours cocking.  
  • Food delivery Apps: They are so many applications that you can use to select the meal you want and have it get delivered to your house on just minutes

This and many other applications can make your life easier, there is a big variety of functions and programs that can make every day work in just seconds. You can even have applications that allow you to transfer money instantly, without bank process and relieving you of depending of the cash money at that moment.
Other applications are designed to keep a track of our body functions such as sleep, drinking water, and even to keep track of the feminine cycle for helping the couples trying to conceive a child. The functions are endless and some even surpass our imagination so is important to search for the most recent applications developed and keep an open mind to the future.