Watching a good animated marketing video can make your visitors feel compelled to buy what you have to sell.
1. Videos, the prefered asset
Video has recently been voted among worldwide marketers, as the most satisfying piece of marketing content over social, games and live events. Currently video is ranked as the most reviewed type of content during the buying decision process.
2. Videos also watch you
Videos stopped being static pieces of information a long time ago. Now you can insert additional information in them, like registration forms, links, surveys and polls. This enables your viewers to interact with the video they’re watching and, at the same time, allows you to reach your marketing objectives faster and in a more effective way.
3. You can measure success
The analytics provided by your video are very valuable for your business. They provide you with more than insights on your audience, they give you in-depth marketing knowledge.
4. Learn and adjust
One of the most beneficial features of your animated marketing video is its ability to provide you with feedback about how the viewer is reacting to the material they’re watching. Unlike reading an eBook, the visitor who’s watching your video is giving you real data that you can process to sharpen your marketing efforts.
5. Videos are the most powerful shop windows
Animated explainer videos show your product to the world, literally. Video results appear in almost 70% of the top 100 search listings on Google. Besides, it’s proven that people who watch videos tend to stay on a website for two minutes longer than those who don’t. And, according to Vidyard, enjoyment of online video increase purchase intent by an outstanding 97%. Simply put: there’s nothing more effective, in terms of promoting your product on the web, than an animated video.