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Verónica Ferrer Moregó

Partner & Strategy Director
Verónica Ferrer Moregó

Entrepreneur and investor with a clear focus: promoting a 100% sustainable global economic ecosystem through regenerative business models. I co-founded pitaya (2014), the first business enhancer in the world that provides balance, freshness, order and results to companies thanks to its own consulting products. Since its inception, it has worked with more than 400 companies in sectors such as technology, industrial, sustainability, fashion and/or food.

The good must be shared. In 2017, we started The Biz Journal. Medium leader who shares reflections with management figures on innovation, business and growth. It is shared every week to thousands of CEOs in a highly curated database.

In 2023 we created the innovation spin-off pitayanext, which supports multinationals and large companies in addressing innovation challenges.

Good brilliant people. Great businesses are built with this ingredient.