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Theresa Zabell

ESG specialist Board Member. Olympic champion
Fundación Ecomar
Theresa Zabell

Theresa has 40 years of career in the world of sports, business and the environment.
She is a visionary leader with a proven track record of driving and managing organizational changes, forward-thinking, resilient and proactive, with achievements in highly competitive environments with innovative ideas and executive management.
Theresa is a double Olympic Champion and has demonstrated that being an elite athlete is not an ephemeral profession, it is a philosophy of life. The skills developed in such a challenging and changing environment as the sea have accompanied her in her professional performance, focused on the defense of essential and environmental sustainability, the care of people and the planet through education as well as institutional and corporate action.
She speaks 4 languages ​ and has developed projects in leading international organizations like the European Parliament, UNESCO and the Olympic movement, and is now applying her knowledge on Boards