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Rodrigo Taramona

Founder Rewisor
Rodrigo Taramona

Rodrigo Taramona is a renowned speaker and content creator focusing on the technological impact on humans. Two years ago, he ventured into the social media realm to share his narratives centered on the value of pro-human technology, physical over digital interactions, the opportunities presented by AIs, and the importance of aligning them to serve people. His work emphasizes enhancing our capabilities instead of exploiting our vulnerabilities and underscores the significance of maintaining digital hygiene. Rodrigo offers a unique perspective on a promising future and how to live in it harmoniously, keeping our humanity in sight.

He has collaborated with brands like Samsung, INDITEX, Camper, Repsol, Renault, IBM, Caterpillar, Wallapop, Solar360 and Ecosia, as well as public entities such as the Ministry of Justice and the European Commission. Currently, he serves as one of the EU’s digital ambassadors for the European Union.