11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

Mónica Arés

Executive Director
Imperial IDEA Lab
Mónica Arés

Monica is a leading expert in innovation and immersive learning, whose pioneering work in XR and AI has solidified her as a leader in the global technological landscape. As the former Head of Immersive Learning at Meta and a visionary leader on Interactive Learning Labs at Amazon, Monica has become a seminal figure in the field of immersive education.
Named among the Top 100 Global Women of the Future in Emerging Tech, Monica’s influence resonates globally. As an advisor and Chief Innovation Officer for startups and Founder of Th3 Third Door, Monica has formulated and executed innovative tech solutions that reimagine the future of work and learning.
As the Executive Director of the IDEA Lab at Imperial, Monica is defining the vision for the future of learning while leading an expert team through the development and growth of new solutions. Monica’s leadership is crafting a legacy where the fusion of technology and human potential unlocks new frontiers for learning and innovation.