11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

Miguel Ángel Pérez Laguna

Founder & Director of Communication and Institutional Relations
Humanos en la Oficina
Miguel Ángel Pérez Laguna

As Director of Communication at Edtech Global Alumni, an international speaker, and a collaborator at RTVE, [Name] combines teaching with directing and hosting the radio program “”Humanos en la Oficina”” on Capital Radio, which has broken audience records with over 300,000 listeners on average per month. They were awarded the Feed Best Communicator Award in 2023. Additionally, they are the creator and director of the TV program “”Talent Talks””, receiving the Award for the Dissemination of Digital Talent in 2023. [Name] is the founder of the global initiative humanosenlaoficina.com, reaching millions of people to promote more humane communication in the digital age and improve the work experience worldwide. They are the producer of the international gala “”Top Human Leaders””, which won the Best Professional Event Award at the Iberian Festival Awards in 2024. [Name] has been referenced in media outlets such as El País, El Economista, Diario Abierto, EFE, NM Miami, Magazine Management, RNE, Libertad FM, Estrella Digital, RH Management, Cinco Días, Todo Startups, and EFE in Spain and Latin America.