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Marta Del Castillo

Social Nest
Marta Del Castillo

Marta is CEO of Social Nest Foundation. She had a long experience leading high impact and innovation organizations, as CEO of South Summit-Spain Startup, and internationally, as CEO of Koga, an ecosystem accelerator in Latin and the first BCorp in Paraguay.

Board Director of Koga and Danone Ecosystem, Danone´s global Impact Fund. Advisory Boards of El Patio innovation Campus and 3 vectores (first B corp of Uruguay).

Distinguished as Women 50 2022 Fellowship of Banco Santander and Women in Tech – WITH Fellowship.

Previously, Marta worked for more than a decade in international development and humanitarian aid, in NGOs and Development Agencies.

She has a Law degree (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), International MBA (IE), Entrepreneurship (Stanford University), Sustainable Business Strategy (Harvard Business School) and LSE Leadership Program.


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