11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

Luis Mateos

Founder and strategist
OSMOTIC network learning
Luis Mateos

Luis, CEO of OSMOTIC, a 360º nonconformist whose purpose in life is applying methodology, creativity and specially NETWORKING TALENT to hundreds of companies & thousands of individuals in their strategic transformation path since 2000.

OSMOTIC is “the Business School as it should be” based on its own transformation method (real real-time case method) that helps to connect future vision with the present of any project or person enabling the necessary flexibility to adapt to an ever changing environment while nurturing strategy, enabling transformational learning and always webbing a meaningful ecosystem of collaborators around the project.

Very proud founder and co-founder of many projects such as Spain’s most impressive StartUp, MASMOVIL, kiubick (startup accelerator), ueia (social entrepreneurship accelerator), kiubspace (coworking/incubator), and IEentrepreneurs he has been also an important player in the success of many other entrepreneurs and companies.