11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

Julio Merelo Casado

Julio Merelo Casado

Julio Merelo Casado, an Engineer in Computer Science, is a seasoned DIGITAL DOER. Currently serving as CIO at Alastria, Europe’s largest blockchain association, he leads 6 European blockchain projects (digital identity, traceability, information veracity, cybersecurity, AI for complex problem-solving, and sustainability) and implements Spain’s first official public permissioned blockchain network, ISBE. Previously, as Corporate Director of Technology (CIO/CTO) at APD, he led a transformative plan impacting nearly 3,500 companies and 6 countries. He also served as Deputy Director at Cecabank and was CTO at Open Platform in BBVA, driving the Bizum instant payment platform. His career includes roles such as Director of Architecture and Technological Transformation at Repsol, and positions at Banco Santander, Iberia LAE, and Banco Popular