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Jorge Amador Monteverde

Senior Strategy Officer, Strategy and Transformation Office-Directorate of Operations
ESA - European Space Agency
Jorge Amador Monteverde

Jorge Amador serves as Senior Strategy Officer at the European Space Agency (ESA). Boasting an extensive 36 years of experience in the space sector, including 32 years at ESA, he has contributed significantly to many European space programmes including technology development, launchers, human and robotic exploration, and space safety and sustainability. He has actively contributed to advancing the European space sector, significantly enhancing commercial space business and supply chains. His diverse roles have ranged from engineering and business development in industry in a space start-up, to various key positions at ESA such as R&D and project manager, programme manager, and strategy and policy expert. Currently, he leads the coordination of the space safety programme, aimed at protecting Earth, humans, and both terrestrial and orbital assets from space-borne hazards, including space weather events, asteroids, and space traffic, which encompasses active spacecraft and space debris.


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