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Helio Fernández

Program Manager
Helio Fernández

Helio Fernández Téllez is a Program Manager at imec.IC-link with over twenty years of experience in digital technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. At imec, he oversees the design IP repository program, supporting the EU Chips Act objectives.

Previously, Helio worked in imec’s EDiT (Enabling Digital Transformation) department, focusing on demand-driven R&D with public entities. His role involved digital strategy, living labs, and securing grants and funding.

Helio has an entrepreneurial background, co-founding a startup from his postdoctoral research at the University Hospital of Brussels and a company focused on maritime pollution prevention at the Port of Malaga.

He holds a PhD in Engineering from the Royal Military Academy in Belgium and a PhD in Life Sciences from Vrije Universiteit Brussel.