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Fran M. Roncero

Educa360 EdTech
Fran M. Roncero

CO-CEO and one of the founders of Educa360, an innovative Andalusian startup that is revolutionising the educational landscape. His career is diverse and multifaceted, distinguished by his adaptability and passion for innovation. With a background in computer science, he is an expert in emerging technologies. His dedication as an audiovisual creator reflects his love for visual storytelling and his skill in crafting stories in innovative ways. His progression to creative director is noted for his ability to merge his technical expertise with his artistic vision. He has held several prominent roles, including that of Director of Design for Exhibitions and Museums, Director and Audiovisual Producer for National Geographic, and Visual Effects Supervisor for promotional campaigns for Columbia TriStar of Sony. Currently, his commitment to education and technology is focused on enhancing the learning experience of students through innovative and effective tools.