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Florian Jansen

FJX Group
Florian Jansen

Florian Jansen is an ex-McKinsey serial entrepreneur, CEO and board member focused on consumer tech and retail.
He co-founded and led as CEO the fashion e-commerce platform lamoda which stands out for its unique customer experience, attracting more than 18 mln monthly active users.

Being a passionate angel investor, Florian Jansen has backed several tech companies in different sectors. As Venture Partner at Antler, the worlds most active Day 0 investor, he stays close to the global startup ecosystem. As a member of several supervisory and advisory boards in GCC and CIS, Florian Jansen has been keen to transfer his experience to other exciting publicly listed or privately held businesses. With FJX Group, Florian Jansen and his partners provide practical IT and business solutions to clients in retail, logistics, and technology.