11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

Fernando Mairata de Anduiza

Fernando Mairata de Anduiza

With a lengthy career in ICTs, having held positions of responsibility at companies such as AIRTEL/VODAFONE, Canal METRO in Madrid and Barcelona, ABALIA CONSULTING, Telemadrid, and DLTCode, [Name] has established a solid professional background. They served as the Director of the Digital Skills Program for Research at Nebrija University for the Civil Guard. Additionally, they are a professor at UDIMA, teaching “”Digital Evidence””, and at Jaime I University in the “”Master’s in Economic Intelligence”” program. They provide training to FCSE (Spanish security forces and corps) and are the author of books and comics related to the issues of ICTs and minors. They hold a Master’s in Forensic and Expert Computing, as well as a Master’s in Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking. [Name] is a speaker at cybersecurity events such as C1b3rWall Academy, c0r0n4Con, TodosaprobadosCon, Tapasethacks, HBSCON, among others.