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Elizabeth Baron

Immersionary Enterprises
Elizabeth Baron

Elizabeth Baron transformed automotive product development process during her 30-year tenure at Ford. She was the first to embed immersive evaluations based on a digital twin as a required part of the development process in automotive. She led the development of Ford’s VR systems, inventing the Ford immersive Vehicle Environment (FiVE). This immersive ray-traced virtual environment is based on data with engineering integrity and allows designers and engineers to experience and study the interior and exterior of a vehicle during the product development process. Elizabeth led Enterprise Solution Architecture at Unity Technologies, as global lead for Enterprise Solutions for manufacturing and automotive.
Elizabeth is an advisor for the application of intelligent, immersive digital twin platforms for healthcare, education, automotive and aerospace through Immersionary Enterprises. She is an Executive Director and Past-Chair of ACM SIGGRAPH, and a member of the Digital Twin Consortium.