13-15 JUNE 2023

Elizabeth Baron


Enterprise Solutions Senior Manager


Unity Technologies

Elizabeth Baron leads Enterprise Solutions Architecture at Unity Technologies, enabling industries to unify their data and processes enabled by Unity’s Digital Twin platform that connects knowledge with experience for cross-functional teams.
She is also the Chair of ACM SIGGRAPH, an international community advocating for advancements in computer graphics and interactive techniques.
Elizabeth was a Technical Specialist in Immersive Realities at Ford. She is the inventor of the Ford immersive Vehicle Environment process and technology, providing contextual data and real time global immersion, uniting teams for holistic problem solving.
Elizabeth was awarded Ford’s highest award honoring her career in immersive visualization and her technical leadership. She has received the SIGGRAPH Practitioner Award, for contributions to industrial design in multiple industries, and was inducted into SIGGRAPH Academy. She is an XR Ignite Mentor, a member of Ford Retired Engineering Executives (FREE), and adjunct lecturer at Kansas University Center for Design Research.