11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

David Henche Jiménez

Head of Communication and ESG
David Henche Jiménez

David Packard (the guy from H&P printers) said that in the company there
are only two functions that add value: Innovation and Marketing. The rest
are all costs. I have spent my entire career working in Marketing, Strategy
and Innovation. So therefore either I have been providing value all my life…
or Mr. Packard is wrong…
So I can say I’ve been lucky to hold positions of responsibility related to
these areas in several multinationals, which allowed me to develop a
natural curiosity to understand the processes that will change our world in
near future.
And within that fascinating future, I have a special inclination to try to
understand what mobility will be like in the coming years and decades,
what elements will make it up, what impact it will have on the climate. and
how it will affect society, how efficient it will be, and how accessible.
Enthusiast of long after-dinner conversations, short speeches and eternal
bad apprentice of that damned sport called golf.