11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

David Acosta

David Acosta

I am David Acosta, and creativity has transformed my life. And vice versa. From branding to UX, from entrepreneurship to teaching, from heavy metal to indie music.

I study and teach the dynamics of creative intelligence, launch my own projects, and design digital products for others at INNN, where I also serve as CEO. I’m a copywriter at heart, a public speaker, and a university professor specializing in branding and visual communication at Loyola University. Additionally, I’m a researcher of audiovisual technological innovations and a founding member of the Video Game Classroom at the University of Seville. At INNN, I bring passion to the technical side and strategic thinking to client collaborations, always balancing a dual perspective of creativity and digital business strategy. And humor is my hallmark.

Ultimately, I ALWAYS find myself helping businesses and professionals to redesign their ventures and lives through innovative ideas.