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Daniel Newman

The Futurum Group
Daniel Newman

As the CEO of The Futurum Group, Daniel built the fastest growing independent advisory, intelligence & research firm. Sought after by the world’s most innovative technology companies, Daniel advises CEOs and leaders utilizing data and insights in areas of influence critical to enterprises and ecosystems.

From the leading edge of AI to global technology policy, Daniel makes the connections between business, people and tech that are required for companies to benefit most from their technology investments. Daniel is a top 5 globally ranked industry analyst, and his ideas are regularly cited or shared in television appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, Wall Street Journal, and hundreds of other sites around the world.

A 7x Best-Selling Author including his most recent book “Human/Machine.” Daniel is also a Forbes and MarketWatch (Dow Jones) contributor.

His speaking takes him around the world each year as he shares his vision of the role technology will play in our future.