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Carlos Bello

Innovation and Technology Director
Carlos Bello

Director of Innovation and Technology at ILUNION Hotels where he leads the company’s disruptive transformation, through the identification of new business models, products, processes, and services. He supports a culture of open and interdisciplinary innovation with ILUNION Hotels’ stakeholders, leading Innovation with Purpose (#InnovACTION) in order to “Build a better world with everyone included”. International strategic experience and expert in combining innovation management with business knowledge to enable the transformation of companies.
He joins ILUNION Hotels after holding the positions of Director of Innovation and Sustainability at Iberdrola Inmobiliaria, Head of European R+D+i Projects at Iberdrola and Director of Innovation at LEAD Innovation. He is currently an expert advisor on innovation to the European Commission and certified mentor for european startups.
He holds degrees at Instituto de Empresa, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), University of Oslo and ESADE