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Carla Nacarino

Business Development Manager
Carla Nacarino

Every day, I prove to my school teacher that she was wrong about new technologies. When she tore up the first class assignment I did through a word processor in MS-DOS, claiming it was worthless because a computer had done it, I didn’t give up.

Technology fascinates me, and I’ve applied it every day in every positions. As an area manager at Calzedonia, a general manager at Inditex UK, and a talent acquisition manager at Keller Williams, I consistently innovated and proposed tech improvements. Now, at MainJobs as director of business development, I lead teams on two incredible projects: training 1,200 CEOs and executives in digital transformation and 4,000 professionals in cybersecurity – all with the latest technology applied to education, including the educational metaverse. A life spent embracing technology, teaching and sharing that passion with others!