11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

Candi Carrera

Adjunct Faculty
ESSCA School of Management
Candi Carrera

Candi lectures digital management at ESSCA School of Management in Malaga, Spain, where he has been an adjunct faculty member since 2023. Since moving to Spain in 2022, he has been imparting his knowledge in fields such as artificial intelligence, big data, digital value investing, corporate finance, strategic management and entrepreneurship. He also lectures at the University of Luxembourg.

Since January 2020, he is serving on the Board of Directors at Luxembourg’s Institute of Science & Technology (LIST). He has also been serving on the Board of Directors of Mojay Global Holding, a private equity firm in Dubai.

Prior moving to Malaga, he held various Senior Management positions including Country Manager at Microsoft Luxembourg.

Candi holds a Master in Business Administration from University of Lorraine, France. His academic trajectory is complemented by his certification as an Independent Director, a recognition he earned from INSEAD’s International Directors Programme in 2023.