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Arnaud Gokou

Arnaud Gokou

Arnaud Gokou: The New Visionary of AI and Transmedia

Skoleom Platform Inc, led by CEO & CTO Arnaud Gokou, is revolutionizing the global market with a patented technology enabling direct purchases within audiovisual content via the Watch On Skoleom application. Arnaud, an operational and artistic strategist, works with Oracle and has just joined Nvidia’s Inception program. Under his direction, Skoleom offers innovative BtoB and BtoC software products, transforming the consumption of digital content.

A transmedia producer and prolific author, Arnaud combines his passions to deliver an unrivalled user experience. He has also directed transmedia strategies for major international groups and consulted on event strategy. Skoleom creates a new dimension in interactive content, merging content and commerce.

With an algorithm powered by 300,000 partners and a library of 500 million products, Skoleom is an undisputed leader. Arnaud, visionary and pioneer, is the new Steve Jobs of AI.