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Agustín Baeza Díaz Moreno

Public Affairs&Communication Consultant for Startups and Tech Companies
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Agustín Baeza Díaz Moreno

Self-starting and fast-learning professional with broad experience (20 years) in strategic departments and corporate governance.

I currently work in public affairs helping startups and tech companies to achieve their goals, designing communication and political incidence campaigns, and advocating for a pro-innovation and pro-startups regulation in Spain.

I have worked with companies executives, ministers, mayors and senior officials within public and private organizations and institutions. My motto is “First, build trust and then you will have influence”.

Teaching and researching in several universities and organizations in Spain and Latin America since 2000 on public affairs, strategy and economics.

I love write stories. My first novel is Alfil Blanco, Alfil Negro. My first essay is “La Polis Mecánica”.