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Alba Renai: An AI success story

Thu 13 Jun | 12:20 - 12:40

The rapid evolution of AI makes it difficult for us to be aware of the speed at which this technology is integrating into our lives. Within this rapid evolution and integration, from advertising to the creation of public figures, a new star has emerged in the digital territory: Alba Renai. This virtual influencer, born from the fusion of creativity and AI, has captured the attention of media and users. Created by Be A Lion, a subsidiary of Mediaset España dedicated to exploring new horizons in marketing and communication, Alba Renai embodies the synthesis between technology and emotional authenticity. Although her origin is digital, her influence extends beyond the limits of the screen, generating debates and interactions that transcend the virtual realm.


Silvia Velasco Praga

Silvia Velasco Praga


BE A LION (Mediaset Group)