After several years of fluctuations, the future of immersive technologies, virtual, augmented, and extended reality, appears truly spectacular on the 2025 horizon. According to some research studies, about 70% of Gen Z users show interest in VR. And about 80% of the people who have tried it found it an engaging experience and would tell their friends about it. When it comes to the world of professional services, the statistics vary a lot, but there are positive trends in some sectors, which go beyond the demonstration or the simple pilot project. Although the quality and stability of devices, content, and experiences must be improved to accelerate adoption, we can speak of proven success stories and experiences successfully implemented worldwide.

In terms of projections by industry, the engineering industry is estimated to have $4.7 billion dedicated to VR by 2025, second only to healthcare ($5.1 billion) and gaming ($11.6 billion). Throughout the panel, accompanied by the Directors of 4 world-renowned companies, we will discover these experiences, and we will share the vision of the future and how to prepare to face this new global scenario, to continue leading the sector by providing results and tangible benefits to the society.