Dr. Marco Ruano is Associated Professor in Economics Department of Universidad Complutense and Carlos 3 of Madrid. He holds PhD in Aeronautical Engineering and MS degree in Environmental Education. During last 20th years he was working in Airbus in Engineering (Avionic Test Flight). He is also visiting professor of Flight Test Master in the UPM University. He has acted as consultant to different Companies of Airport Building and UNESCO Reviewer of Research Projects. He is member of the Sustainable Construction Committee in Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification of Sustainable Construction. In recent years, his main areas of research have been: (1) Sharing and Circular Economy (2) integration of inertial actuator in drone (3) Droneports and Sustainability in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems: a new approach towards an easy maintenance and saving costs (4) Precision Agriculture: Early detection of cereal rusts diseases through tele-detection