Maciej is the co-founder and acting CEO of Braight. Born in Katowice, Poland – a rather small city, quite on the contrary, Maciej has developed a big mindset, global ambitions, and impressive leadership skills accompanied by years of industry experience.

Curious and a natural leader, Maciej discovered his predominant character traits firsthand through his athletic endeavors as team captain as well as in his professional career, where he gained more than 5 years of experience in Consulting, Banking, and Venture Capital. Throughout his time at McKinsey & Company, he mastered how to find solutions for complex problems and how to form a structured approach while thinking outside of the box. At mBank S.A. he perfected the finest intricacies of investment banking and the workload that comes hand in hand. Finally, in Maciej’s 2 years at Acxend Health, he has supported and mentored numerous start-ups in Farma and Medtech to grow and exceed their goals and investors’ expectations. It also allowed him to learn more about the investor side namely what VCs are looking for and stay constantly informed of new emerging industries and attractive technological trends. (Guided by his dreams, the combination of skills formed the backbone of a successful venture opportunity for Maciej to pursue.)

Maciej was determined to find a solution for some of the major problems in the finance industry through technology, which he was very passionate about. He realized that the credit scoring system is outdated and not at all adjusted to the Internet of Things causing young people to be excluded from financial services. This problem motivated Maciej to create a company that will provide a solution not only for young people but go even bigger and serve the large group of unbanked people in less economically developed countries. Together with Marcin – the polish AI guru, they tested the idea of creating a credit scoring enrichment solution through behavioral analysis, based on customers’ online user data. Realizing the great potential in the market, they embarked on a journey to develop Braight, which now operates in more than 4 industries.