Marketer, technologist and expert in the art of Enterprise Value Creation. With more than 20 years of experience in the IT world, Liz belongs to the leadership team with the mission of transforming the experience of millions of customers through the brands that operate in the LATAM and IBERIA regions. Passionate about the effervescence of CX, AI and its technologies, which lie in a digital world of exponential growth. Her experience working for large IT companies such as HP and Oracle, have allowed her to participate in the strategic adoption of new technologies, all of them already democratized in the cloud. The main challenge in the coming years will be how to interpret, implement and institutionalize these technologies to make possible the new human agenda in which there is integration with the environment, perfect social inclusion, and abundance. Liz Zavaleta is a Computer Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Operations Research and several postgraduate studies in Marketing.