Javier is a computer engineer with executive education, holistic vision, and intensive knowledge in business and technology. He has worked in consulting firms such as Accenture to unleash the data value in several clients. Javier has developed successful Data / Advanced Analytics / Operating Models/ Advanced Visualization / BI projects for IBEX-35 companies, mainly in Banking and Telco sectors. Since 2016, he has been working as an Executive Data Director in first-level companies, leading the change towards Data-Driven companies, mainly in the Banking and Retail sectors. He has developed several strategies to manage data as an asset to achieve a transformation in the decision-making of business units, including governance and data quality frameworks and advanced analytics techniques embedded in business processes. Javier is a transformational leader, agile, with critical thinking, strategic vision, and strong knowledge about analytics and how the data can be a competitive advantage to achieve tangible impacts in the business. Javier is a good speaker, with huge experience as a trainer, mentor, and teacher in business schools. Co-author of the book “El valor del dato – La brújula para gestionar tus datos como un activo”. In addition, since 2022 Javier is member of the board of Club Chief Data Officer Spain& Latam.