Angel Batalla is an urban logistics and last-mile distribution game-changer.

His work and applied research in the past forty years are on turning last-mile delivery losses into profits and accelerating freight road transport’s sustainable, digital and social transitions.

He is a serial entrepreneur since 2008, evolved from 25 years of successful intrapreneurship in major corporations for whom he designed, led, and executed over a dozen major Supply Chain initiatives across the globe for Consumer, Pharma, and Professional Products sectors.

A few years ago, he founded Last Mile Team, an Artificial Intelligence-driven startup that develops award-winning inclusive digital solutions to solve urban logistics and last-mile distribution problems.

They were the winners, among other awards, of the Mobility Challenge at #innovateagainstthevirus 2020, and the Spanish National Mobility Award 2021.

Selected as a Case Study of Sustainability and Social Responsibility Good Practices in the European logistics and transport sector by the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA).

Named as a European Sustainable City Logistics Best Practice in 2022 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Urban Mobility.

Their copyrighted Last-Mile Digital Platform is the technology that drives the Digital Twin that improves city logistics in Madrid.
Adjunct professor at international business schools, a frequent speaker on road transport decarbonization and sustainability, holds an MSc Marine Engineer (Hons.) & Executive MBA degrees.