Andy Fidel creates social experiences for remote communities, using digital and immersive technologies. Making local conversations, global discussions. They study the impact of VR/AR on digital communications and what the future holds for human connection.

Producing virtual events since 2017, Andy Fidel designs experiential gatherings for community and enterprise. Ranging from conference extensions, virtual festivals, fireside chats, internal team events, B2B metaverse consulting, and private onboarding demonstrations.

Exploring the social side of immersive reality, Andy Fidel also leads #GetSocial, a digital network for emerging technology enthusiasts & creators. Weekly meet-ups to discover new immersive experiences, join events, and meet (real) people in virtual reality.

Past collaborations include Rec Room, LinkedIn, PepsiCo, WXR Venture Fund, Scout House, Verizon 5G Labs, VR/AR Association, AltspaceVR by Microsoft, and communities at large in the multiverse.