‘A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space’.  Albert Einstein.

The body that we temporarily inhabit has been described by some as a temporary home or an unbearable prison for others. A material restriction, which prevented us from giving way to our imagination, our most impossible delusions, dreams and fantasies. Free ourselves from the body, inhabit other spaces and teleport from one world to another with just one click. Overcoming the creativity of Leonardo Da Vinci is no longer a matter of fantasy, nor is it the fruit of imagination. The METAVERSE is here and it’s going to change it all… The great evolution and development of collaborative platforms, and their acceptance and implementation during the time of the pandemic, has been truly spectacular. Virtual worlds, where we can unfold, duplicate and interact with other beings, and free ourselves from our limited body and facing finite spaces, where the space / time concept is only on our computer’s clock. Now, there are many questions, and few answers that we still find.

Throughout the Virtual Humans Session, we will enter the fantastic world of Immersive Reality, teleporting ourselves to the immediate future and trying to decipher some of these keys and the impact in Industry Transformation.