The necessity to keep in touch is something that characterizes us as humans from the beginning of humanity; however we have evolved long way from those starting days and with nowadays technology are a lot easier to keep a good communication with anyone almost anywhere. The ambition now is to improve the speed of communication and this is something that has become fundamental in certain areas of the society, been one of them of course the business area. The connectivity for businesses is one of the most recent improvements that were created to increase the speed of communication inside the companies with considerable benefits.

¿Why is the connectivity for businesses so important?

The internet is a medium of communication that has grown to be something indispensable, especially on companies and business that need to keep a good communication inside and outside of the company. They are many ways to connect to the internet and one of the methods that is really common is via wireless connection but they are some problems with this connection, because the signal can suffer a lot of interferences and it need a lot of repeaters so the signal can have more range and the speed is decreased according the amount of users using the connection.
The other option is to keep a coper wire connection between all the computers and to keep then connected through the internet by a more stable way, were there is no worries about the range of the signal, however according to statistics, the internet connection will also be affected in the rush hour because of all the users using the same service in a hole area, so there will be times of slow connection even with wire connection.
That is the moment the connectivity for businesses comes into play, because a better way to keep a good connection inside a company is to create a whole network, all connected through optical fiber wire connection which is a material with really good benefits that improve the company connection speed.

Benefits of connectivity for businesses

The connectivity for businesses has as mentioned before, a better speed of connection and good signal strength, also the reliability of a connection that won’t suffer interferences from electromagnetic fields. All these benefits comes from the properties of the optical fiber wire, given that it is a material that has proven to have the best speed of connection with the minimum of interferences. With this connection you can assure symmetric speed of connection for all the users, certainly this benefit might not be something crucial in connectivity for businesses but it gives the employees the freedom to use their respective connections without worries.
Another benefit with optical fiber connection is the unlimited bandwidth acquirable, there is really no decrease of the speed of connection and the bandwidth can me improved without physical restructuration needed. This in particular is something vital for connectivity for businesses such as cloud of information and file sharing application.