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Laura Giménez

Association of Retirees of the National Police of Spain (AJPNE)
Laura Giménez

Executive president of the Association of Retirees of the National Police of Spain (AJPNE), promoter and member of SOS en Red, co-founder of C1b3rWoman and the solidarity platform Sportí.

National Police retired in the line of duty, always in response operational groups where the female figure was quite “scarce”. Faithful to the duty to serve and protect, I continue to contribute to society, I have numerous courses on police matters (specialist in weapons and shooting, terrorism, gender violence, among others) and some in Cybersecurity, a lover of psychology and criminology, a defender of women’s equality and their integration in all areas still unknown due to lack of female role models and lack of knowledge.

I dedicate most of my time to helping others, giving training, creating the future.

With numerous awards for solidarity and for the management in the association I represent, which is recognized nationally and internationally.