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Timea Lapsanszki

Policy Advisor Foreign Affairs and Defence
European Parliament
Timea Lapsanszki

Tímea Lapsánszki is currently working at the European Parliament as an advisor on foreign affairs and defense for MEP Dragos Tudorache. As a graduate of International Affairs (B.A.) and Transatlantic Studies (M.A.), Timea covered issues such as the Critical Raw Materials Act, Critical technologies and infrastructure in Security and Defence, EDIRPA, Cybersecurity Solidarity Act, China, EU-Moldova relations, as well as the Delegation for relations with the United States. Prior to her experience in public service, Timea also held management roles in the corporate environment and co-founded and led Flow, a start-up on intercultural communication. As an Aspen Young Leader and a strong believer in education and civic engagement, she also has several years of experience as a volunteer worker for organizations focusing on education and politics.