11-13 JUNE 2024

Discover the global platform that will allow you to showcase your solutions to an executive audience of over 26,000 C-level managers from all around the world. Build valuable business relations and become the provider of choice. Explore our three participation models and choose the one that suits your strategic goals and budget best.

  • Partner

    Being a leader means many things. That is why we recommend you become a DES | Digital Business World Congress PARTNER, choosing from 3 Partnership models. It is time to show your leadership being a Global Partner Leader, Global Partner or Event Partner at DES.

    It means a lot more than you might think. You might even surprise your best clients or target clients.

    You will generate a large brand impact on communication elements prior to, during, and after the event.

    Take advatage of great visibility (space will be located in the best area of the Expo which is exclusively for Partners).

    Leverage form the direct contact with the top prescribers decision makers and the media representatives.

    Play a major role at one of the plenary sessions of the Masterminds Congress and participate in all the activities of DES Community.

    Offer your leading clients and target customers exclusive and differential treatment, inviting them to the Masterminds Congress and meeting them in an environment that is full of inspiration and innovation.

    Get in touch with DES Sales Representative and discover all high-profile actions to offer you the best return on your investment.

  • Exhibitor

    Display your products and innovation in the best environment: DES | Digital Business World Congress Exhibition Area.

    Interact and build loyalty with new or existing clients by choosing the option that is best suited to your budget. Take advantage of all the benefits that we offer you as an exhibitor within 3 participation models based on your space needs:

    Exhibitor S (from 20 sqm)
    Exhibitor M (from 50 sqm)
    Exhibitor L (from 80 sqm)

    Our objective, above everything else, is to help you win business with the lowest investment outlay possible. That is we offer 3 types of stands to choose from at the best market prices.

    2 zones to choose from within the Expo:

    The Premium Area
    Located next to the Partner zone; this provides maximum visibility and traffic by offering direct contact with leaders.

    The Business Area
    This area is located in the side aisles and also offers good visibility, but at a lower cost.

  • Newcomer

    We all know how hard it can be to start a business or make an existing business grow. That is why we are offering our turnkey participation packs, which have been specially assembled for start-ups and newly-created companies. Take advantage of the chance to start at the leading event in the sector with the lowest investment possible and enjoy great business opportunities.

    There are 2 participation models with all-inclusive turnkey packs:

    Start-up Pack 4Y
    This pack is intended for start-ups with maximum 4 years of activity and want to grow. It includes a 12 sqm stand.

    Start-up Pack 2Y
    This pack is intended for start-ups with maximum 2 years of activity. It includes a 6 sqm stand.

    Both packages offer the benefit of a stand location in the Newcomer Zone surrounded by innovative companies like your own. We know that there is strength in unity and this is the principal attraction that our visitors want to see in you.





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