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Víctor Barrientos Ros

Lucca: Tu hogar accesible - PARCBIT
Víctor Barrientos Ros

20 years in the IT sector. Always enjoying the opportunity to work on innovative projects that bring about change and improvement in organizations and individuals.

Currently, I work as a head of assistive technology for people with disabilities, leading the following projects:

Virtual reality for well-being, physical rehabilitation, cognitive rehabilitation, and neuropsychological assessment.
Design and 3D printing of assistive products and technical aids.
Testing and analysis of assistive products.
Implementation of virtual assistants as support for scheduling and adapted home automation management.
Implementation of augmentative communication systems.
Pilot projects for autonomous medication management.
As a trainer and speaker, I educate occupational therapists on the use of technology to enhance their work tools. I believe that the magic happens when engineering and occupational therapy come together.