13-15 JUNE 2023

Paul Toal


OCI Security Specialist Senior Director, EMEA



Paul has worked in security for around 25 years, and, after 15 years at Oracle, currently leads security for the Cloud Centre of Excellence in EMEA, focusing on a number of areas within the field of cyber security. Paul works at all levels within organisations, from board level through to architects and developers, explaining and demonstrating the importance of security in the connected, cyber world. He also spends a lot of time helping companies to understand how security is used to reduce risk, as well as improve user experience and an organisation’s security posture. Paul provides a strong link between customers and product engineering, to collate requirements, incubate new services and drive strategy. Recently, Paul has been involved in several large cloud transformation programmes as the lead security architect of the solution. In addition, Paul was one of the original authors of the UK Government’s Identity Assurance specification (Gov.UK Verify) and continues to drive innovation and thought leadership in this area. Recently, Paul has co-authored a whitepaper looking at how to approach zero trust security within Oracle Cloud.