11-13 JUNE 2024

Pablo Tapia


Founder and CTO



As TUPL’s co-founder and CTO, my expertise lies in pioneering software solutions for easy adoption of AI across various sectors, including Telecommunications, Industry and Digital Agriculture. Realizing the potential of Big Data and AI, I established TUPL to bridge the gap between these technologies and domain experts.
I oversee the company’s technological strategy, ensuring a leadership position and closely monitoring customer satisfaction. TUPL has continuously been leading in AI adoption utilities. Concepts such as MLOps, synthetic data generation, and no-code techniques were introduced under our vision well before their broad acceptance.
Currently, I spearhead our agro and industrial sector initiatives, where we are developing innovative AI operational solutions alongside several clients. Our work with AIQA, a no-code solution for quality control via artificial vision, earned us the best national SME in AI at the AMETIC AI Summit in Spain in April 2023.