13-15 JUNE 2023

Pablo Prieto





Pablo Prieto is Chief Revenue Officer at Fosanis, makers of Mika. Mika is the first prescription digital therapeutic (DTx) for people affected by cancer approved and reimbursed in Germany.
After a successful career in global pharma, Pablo became increasingly involved in the field of DTx. He led commercialization efforts for Curelator (DTx for migraine available in the US and Europe), co-founded Skincoach (a DNVB combining skin products with digital health in the US) and helped venture capital funds and start-ups develop DTx commercialization plans before joining Mika.
His efforts in advancing DTx business models sprout from the very nature of this niche within healthcare and digital business: digital therapeutics are non-physical goods which healthcare is not used to deal with, they also are regulated medical devices that are prescribed by healthcare professionals, but patient product preferences are important in a competitive landscape where non-prescription digital health is also an option.
In this environment, the debate about commercialisation models is burning hot. How (and if) healthcare insurers should include digital health in their covered service will change healthcare in the next few years, especially as digital adoption in healthcare boomed during the COVID pandemic.


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