13-15 JUNE 2023

Oliver Fernández-Pretel


Sverian - Co-Founder


7Play - Chief People & Digital Officer

7Play – Chief People & Digital Officer
Sverian – Co-founder
Change and Transformation Leader
Oliver is a seasoned global transformational Lead with a wealth of experience in Digital Transformation, People-HR, and Business Development, along with the native digital companies at UBER (EMEA), the financial sector at BBVA & SANTANDER (global Spanish banks), the digital transformation consultancy services at SVERIAN (co-founder partner), and recently at 7PLAY as Chief People & Digital Officer.
Digital Transformation, cultural evolution, and agile organizational design at banking, and an amazing recruiting model at Uber, have been key experiences in his ‘game-changer’ vision
People first, Values & Inclusion, and ESG are key drivers for him. Passionate about the future of work, business agility, and sustainability creating solutions to address the strategic future of talent challenges and companies’ growth. Ambassador of agile/design-thinking/lean startup/data-led in Global&Local Business.