11-13 JUNE 2024

Marius Robles


Chief Visionary Officer


Reimagine Health

Marius Robles, is a serial entrepreneur and innovation consultant with over 25 years of experience in exponential technologies. He founded ventures such as Reimagine Health, a company that promotes disruptive initiatives aiming at anticipating the future of health, lifespan and longevity; Robots4Humans, a pioneering consulting firm about anticipating the future; Coding the Future, an organization that seeks to promote and accelerate the education of society, people and companies in the face of the next great wave of automation and Artificial Intelligence; Food By Robots, working to drive forward the benefits of robotics to revolutionize the way we eat, or Reimagine Food, the world’s first disruption center focusing on the future of food.

World-renowned tech speaker, disruptor evangelist and recognized as a food futurist by Fast Company magazine and a visionary by CNN and El Pais. Marius has written several articles analyzing the future of health, food and disruptive technologies.


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