11-13 JUNE 2024

Jose Francisco Quesada Moreno


Co-founder, R&D Director, CEO Lekta Spain



The widespread adoption of Large Language Models, AI, Big Data, and Digital Transformation in everyday life highlights their significance. However, effectively harnessing AI for practical applications remains a formidable challenge, requiring robust and pioneering technological ecosystems, methodological competences, and a comprehensive approach.
Mr. Jose F. Quesada holds leadership roles as the Co-founder and R&D Director of Lekta Intl, as well as CEO of Lekta Spain. His professional focus centers around Conversational AI. It is worth noting that Lekta’s strategic vision is thoughtfully aligned with the objectives of DES 2023, reinforcing their commitment to shared goals.
PhD in Computer Science and AI, Degrees in Philosofy and Art History, Professor of AI at the Univ. of Seville, Researcher in international R&D projects, Consultant at Stanford Research Institute, European Commission, Spanish Plan for Language Technology. He has also authored more than 100 scientific publications.