13-15 JUNE 2023

Jesus A. Lacoste


Founder and CEO


SoyDigital Network

I am a psychologist and a digital enthusiast. I graduated in 1988 and since 1992 my life and my profession have moved in the digital world. In 2000 I founded my own company, currently called SoyDigital Network, to help companies, businesses and entrepreneurs to benefit from the opportunities of information and communication technologies. I believe in and advocate the digital transformation of companies and people as a strategy for success. I like to connect businesses and customers, companies and people where everyone wins. Customer-centric business but always putting the employee first. I aim to add value to the life or business of others. I like and enjoy my work. I am passionate about technology and analysing its impact on our lives. That’s why one of my interests is Management applied to 21st century companies, digital marketing and human relations between companies and users/customers in digital environments.