11-13 JUNE 2024

Jacobo Bermúdez de Castro Carbajo


General Manager Malt Spain


Malt Spain

After devoting numerous years to business and IT consulting, as well as facilitating the international expansion of the companies I have worked with, I am currently focus on scaling Malt in Spain.

Malt is the largest freelance professionals marketplace in Europe. From day one I was thrilled by the combination of a community of over 500,000 independent experts and a technological platform that assists both large and small companies in fully managing their access to external talent.

I like to talk about how the spanish labour market is evolving, changing paradigms in the global labour market, business innovation as a lever to deliver strategic plans, business strategy, account development, Customer experience, international expansion… Overall anything that relates to the need of companies to challenge their status quo and grow.

I am enjoying every step of the journey, learning something new every day and having fun.