11-13 JUNE 2024

Irene Cid Vega


Client Engineering Business Technology Lead


IBM Technology, Spain Portugal Greece & Israel

Hi there! I’m Irene, Business Technology Lead at IBM. With 5 years of experience as data scientist at Telefónica and IBM, I have gained a solid understanding of leveraging various technologies to make data-driven decisions.

I work closely with companies, using a new IBM’s innovative methodology, Value Engineering, to drive growth and efficiency through a quick technology adoption.

In addition, I have the privilege of sharing my expertise as a professor in NLP in a Data Science master’s program, where I teach fellow technology enthusiasts how to utilize advanced tools and techniques to extract valuable insights from data.

If you’re interested in exploring new opportunities and discovering how technology, along with the IBM Value Engineering methodology, can drive your business forward, I would love to stay in touch! Together, we can identify new ways to harness the potential of technology and achieve outstanding results.